Who is this Big Girl on a Budget

Welcome to, "Big Girl On A Budget". I am a plus size woman and former plus size model.  I firmly believe that a full figured woman can be sexy, stylish and comfortable in just about anything she chooses to wear so long as you are truthful with yourself and look in the mirror and know when something is too tight, too big or simply does not compliment your figure in any way. And by compliment I mean in color, shape, style or fashion.

What prompted the blog, "Big Girl On A Budget" How many times have you as a plus size woman opened up a plus size catalog and see a woman who is maybe a size 12/14 modeling something that is meant for a person who is a size 22/24. I am modeling the clothes on the blog. The only guideline is that the item must cost $10 or less. After all I do most of my shopping at thrift stores. Just because I am a big girl doesn't mean I can't look sexy and good in my clothes just on a budget. I also list the price of the items and the locations.

I am a mom with 2 girls. I shop for myself when and if I can. I love my thrift store finds and I have no problem wearing an item from the local thrift store. Or an item that was discounted 80% off.

This blog is dedicated to big girls looking and feeling good.

I will cover the finds that I get not only in clothing, but accessories and jewelry. And I am a serious handbag junkie, so from time to time you will see a blog dedicated to a bag I may have found and simply must share with you my cyber audience.


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