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My Fall Essentials

Fall has fully stepped into Michigan. The leaves are having their color show, while Mother Nature plays with the temperature.

I have really been looking at various magazines, blogs and such to see what fall wardrobe favorites people like. Handbags, boots, tights, scarves, denim of all sorts seem to be on everyone's list.

My fall favorites are all over the place from handbags, to boots. But also nail color and body butters and scents as well.

I love scarves. My daughter recently gifted me this wonderful infinity scarf from Rue21. It's leopard print and skulls, that is a win-win in my book.

 Every season has bling for me. The back pack is a ebay find. It's   9-West and was *NWT* $12 with Free shipping.
Fall brings out what I like to call "rich" colors. The grays, blues, burgandy and more. This wonderful asymmetrical shirt I found thrifting, the color I believe is called, "Sienna,." The sweater also a thrifted treasure, has fabulous buttons sewn on, that hav…

FashionSpeak 2014

I had the opportunity to attend FashionSpeak  for the second year.This event is presented by the Detroit Garment Group Guild (DG3) and brings together people in the fashion industry. Not just presenters talking about clothes, but branding, networking, industrial design and a host of other topics that make up the world of fashion. The purpose of the conference is; "providing fashion and opportunities to keep Michigan talent in Michigan."

The presenters this year were, Rachel Lutz, Owner of The Peacock Room. Lutz spoke on branding, and finding and knowing your customer base. " have to decide how accessible you want to be as a business." "Don't confuse brand familiarity with brand loyalty"
"...can your brand evolve to survive" These were some of the quotes that hit home with me as Lutz was speaking.

The next speaker was Jeanette Puig-Pey & Bridget Sullivan: Global Design Manager and Auto…