FashionSpeak 2014

I had the opportunity to attend FashionSpeak  for the second year.This event is presented by the Detroit Garment Group Guild (DG3) and brings together people in the fashion industry. Not just presenters talking about clothes, but branding, networking, industrial design and a host of other topics that make up the world of fashion. The purpose of the conference is; "providing fashion and opportunities to keep Michigan talent in Michigan."
2014 Design

Mission Statement

DG3 Board

Rachel Lutz
The presenters this year were, Rachel Lutz, Owner of The Peacock Room. Lutz spoke on branding, and finding and knowing your customer base. " have to decide how accessible you want to be as a business." "Don't confuse brand familiarity with brand loyalty"
"...can your brand evolve to survive" These were some of the quotes that hit home with me as Lutz was speaking.

Jeanette Puig-Pey; Bridget Sullivan
The next speaker was Jeanette Puig-Pey & Bridget Sullivan: Global Design Manager and Automotive Fabric Designer for Lear Corporation.

Matthew Burnett: Co-Founder and CEO of Maker's Row Matthew spoke on Industrial Design and how to get your product made and manufactured.

Up next was Malina Joseph Gilchrist; Sr. Marketing Editor for "T" Magazine. Malina spoke on how to get your product or service in front of editors to promote advertising.

Tracy Reese with DG3 President Karen Buscemi
Tracy Reese was the final presenter for the conference. Reese who is a Detroit native spoke on getting started in fashion as well as promoting her work, working with customers, manufacturers, deadlines and how to survive in the industry.

"give yourself a chance to gain experience and knowledge before branching out on your own"

"you can't expect to arrive immediately; you need to know and connect with your customer"
Tracy Reese 

The one day conference not only gives you a chance to learn and pick up information from fashion industry insiders, it is also a fantastic way to network with people from all over the Detroit area and beyond.

Tamela Tatum-Fashion Savvy

I met many different people involved in a host of business'es from fashion, to design, to jewelry making and more.

Yolanda Nichelle-Jewelry Designer

The D Jewelry

Ebony Rutherford-Designer
DG3 Board Members Barb and Lians
Shannon Lazovski


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