My Fall Essentials

Fall has fully stepped into Michigan. The leaves are having their color show, while Mother Nature plays with the temperature.

I have really been looking at various magazines, blogs and such to see what fall wardrobe favorites people like. Handbags, boots, tights, scarves, denim of all sorts seem to be on everyone's list.

My fall favorites are all over the place from handbags, to boots. But also nail color and body butters and scents as well.

I love scarves. My daughter recently gifted me this wonderful infinity scarf from Rue21. It's leopard print and skulls, that is a win-win in my book.

 Every season has bling for me. The back pack is a ebay find. It's   9-West and was *NWT* $12 with Free shipping.
Fall brings out what I like to call "rich" colors. The grays, blues, burgandy and more. This wonderful asymmetrical shirt I found thrifting, the color I believe is called, "Sienna,." The sweater also a thrifted treasure, has fabulous buttons sewn on, that have it cut like a jacket. Along with gold embellished leggings and boots.
Black Cardigan $8 HIPS Resale Boutique
Sienna Shirt $5 Salvation Army
Leggings $9 BCO Outlet
Bongo Boots $30 Kmart.

I recently won this gorgeous vintage handbag from FlossySuitcase in Highland Park, MI. This gem of a store has some fabulous vintage pieces that anyone would love to own. I just need to find an olive color sweater or skirt to go with the bag. 12521 Woodward Ave. Highland Park, MI.

Nail Polish is a staple for me. I enjoy doing my nails in various colors. I can't say that I change colors with the seasons as I wear a wide variety of colors all year long. I was in awe when I saw that Christian Louboutin had come out with a nail polish line. I popped into my local Neiman's and had an up close and personal look at the colors. The bottle alone is multi-functional as an art piece or a weapon of sorts.

Skin care. I moisturize my skin all year. But with the colder temps and winds blowing in Michigan one needs to take care your skin as much as possible. I have found several products that are wonderful in the softness area, and mind blowing in the scent area.

First, is Whipped Up Body Butter in Passion Fruit. I discovered this product at a vendor show this summer and fell in love with it. I just ordered my 2nd jar. This is a local vendor and all the products are handmade.

Next up is, Harlem Monroe Boutique. I just tried their chocolate covered strawberry lotion bars. Again, wonderful soft skin with this product. However, the scent blew me away. If you like strawberries then you are in for a sensory treat. The lotion bars are heart shaped and each one fits into your hand. The warmth from your hand allows the bar to glide on and into your skin.


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